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Apr 10

002: Who I am


Name: Peter

Sign: Leo

Job: Book Marketing Guru

City: Astoria

Status: Single

Dream job: Paid to travel and write from a fan’s perspective. Later compile all articles into book. Later work on film adaptation. Afford taxi ride to premire.

(via lovepuppy)

This stupid thing, which clogged up my entire dashboard is another reason why I hate Tumblr. I don’t care who you are. Just writing “student” makes me want to become a teacher just with the possibility of the pleasure of failing you, because you have made my Tumblr experience that much more disappointing.

Not Peter W. Knox though. He’s ace.

I just don’t understand, since everyone claims to want to give Peter W. Knox a tugjob, why Peter W. Knox is single. I mean, he has so much Tumblr pussy potential, it’s quite upsetting that Peter W. Knox, perhaps the next Jakob Lodwick, in terms of internet by way of Tumblr notoriety, is single.

Since Peter W. Knox seems to frequent so many of these Tumblr meet-ups, it seems rather troubling that he is STILL single. Not one single hook up, Peter? Not even a tug job from some girl you followed immediately after she followed you because she knew you were Peter W. Knox and therefore “Tumblr powerful”?

Peter W. Knox’s goal, if he chooses to accept it, is to make a Tumblr hook up, and make it a good one. Not some random chick who is following more people than actually being followed, and vaguely hint at the night (of passion?) through ambiguous half-clothed photos of himself with her hair swaying in the background. Followed up with another post, COMPLETELY NEUTRAL, waxing on all of the amazing people he met that night, focusing on one (lucky) chick in particular.

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    Justus! Of course that is what you should have written! It’s a wonder it’s not a facebook status option already.
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    can’t express why, but the word “taken” in this context really makes me want to pick a fight. Shouldn’t the opposite of...
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    any better at all if we’re going to get really into it. I was never for sale...first...
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    Yikes, this place is turning into myspace. But I’ve always been a sucker for these things. And I wanted to be the 100th...
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    the computer whisperer...living in legoland, queen of the whole empire
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